Nova Scotia Minor Ball Hockey LeagueEquipment

Safety will always be our #1 priority. With this in mind, the NSMBHL will always err of the side of caution. When in doubt regarding equipment or rules be sure to ask your Coach or League Manager.

Mandatory Equipment

  • All players must wear a CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved helmet, approved hockey gloves and running shoes. Players under the age of 18 are required to wear CSA approved full facial protection as well.

Optional Equipment

  • Although not mandatory, it is recommended that players wear elbow pads, athletic cup, soft knee pads and shin guards. As well, adult should consider wearing facial protection to protect their eyes.
  • Standard hockey sticks are used to play the game

More About Hockey Stick

  • Players may use ANY regular styled hockey stick. No floor ball sticks are permitted.
  • Plastic hockey sticks are welcomed. They tend to be cheaper and last longer
  • Sticks must not be broken in any way and must have at least 1.5 inches of height to ensure they can not penetrate a regular face mask

Team Jersey - In 2023, the league will begin to provide each player with a jersey. The jerseys are to be returned in good shape at the end of the season. All parents must agree to pay a fee of $30 should your player not return their jersey. Please ensure your player arrives with their jersey for each game!

      What About Goalie Gear?

      A complete set of ball or ice hockey goalie gear must be worn. In the u8 and U10 divisions ball hockey gear can be worn. In the u12, u14 and u17 division ice hockey quality gear is to be worn to ensure adequate protection. It is understood that used, and perhaps old, ice hockey goalie gear may be used. The key to consider is goalie safety.

      Goalie gear will include:

      • Mask or helmet and full cage
      • Trapper and blocker
      • Goalie pads
      • Hockey pants
      • Chest and arm protector
      • A goalie stick

        It is the responsibility of each player and parent to know the rules including what equipment is required. When in doubt please ask your coach or League Manager.