Halifax Minor Ball Hockey LeagueOur Balancing Process

Why Balance the Teams?

A couple of facts we have learned over the past few seasons. 1. Fast paced, close games are more fun than blow-out.  2. No matter how hard we try it is near impossible to balance teams perfectly.

While we try our best to ensure that the teams  are close in skill, the League appreciates that this is a difficult process and all games will  have a team that wins and a team that does not win. Note that if a team is missing a top scorer or two for a game that can make a big difference! Overall, and if all players are present we will strive to balance the teams and we ask for the support and guidance of all players, parents and coaches in this effort.

What is the Team Balancing Process?

During the registration process each parent (player) will be asked a few questions regarding their players hockey experience and athletic ability. This will be used to establish "Draft Teams".  Teams are not final at this point. In some situation, if facilities are available, an exhibition game may be help. In addition, over the first two games of the season we will watch each player and use that additional information to further balance the teams. That means some players may be moved to another team to help with balancing. All parents and players must agree to support the balancing process. This is a condition you must agree to when registering for NSMBHL. Please help to make this process positive and effective.   League Managers will direct all player movement and all participants must agree with thier direction.

Changes after the second game of the season will only be made in exceptional situations and must be approved by the President of the NSMBHL.

All decisions made regarding balancing will be final.

We Ask for Your Help With Creating Balanced Teams!

The league appreciates that moving children between teams can be uncomfortable and we will rely on parents, care givers and coaches to help ensure this process highlights the value of creating a competitive league.

By registering in the Nova Scotia Minor Ball Hockey League all players and parents must agree and support  the team balancing process 100%.