Frequently Asked Questions

While each league with the Nova Scotia Minor Ball Hockey League (NSMBHL) will have a similar structure some differences may occur. This will be most often caused by facility availability and the number of players we have in each division.  Often times we do not have options and must schedule games when our facilities can be secured.

Each team can expect to have 1-2 sessions per week. Most games will be played on the weekend.  You can expect one game on the weekend. If required, a second game maybe be played on the weekend or on a week night. Earlier time slots will be dedicated to the younger divisions and we will try be create a consistent schedule whenever possible. 

A final schedule the will be posted on this website one week before your first game. On the left hand menu open, "Schedule by League" and then scroll down to find the appropriate league and age group.  This schedule is subject to change however we will do our best to keep to our plan and to stay consistent.