Become a Goaltender!

Did you know that Sidney Crosby was once the best ball hockey goalie in his entire neighbourhood? Yes, that is correct…Nova Scotia’s greatest athlete developed his skill and love for the game by playing between the pipes. The truth is many great athletes enjoyed play street hockey goalie as a youth! Playing nets in Ball Hockey is also a great way for a player to try the position before th parents start investing big bucks playing goaltender in ice hockey.

Each year, at the start of the season we find ourselves short of goaltenders. Please ask your player to give it a try. We will help by providing as much gear as possible however we recognize that most goalies will have purchase their own goalie equipment.

Please know that if you play nets and would like to play a game or two out as a runner this can be done. Simply ask your coach and they will find a teammate to play nets in your place.

For more info See the “Rules” and “Equipment” page on this website.