Halifax Minor Ball Hockey League

The original member of the Nova Scotia Minor Ball Hockey League (NSMBHL), the fifth season of the Halifax Minor Ball Hockey League will begin Saturday 29 April 9:00 to 2:00 pm and end late June 2023. All games will be played at the Gorsebrook Ball Hockey Court. The fee is $150 per player.

Each team will play 13 sessions. One game will be played each Saturday morning. A few additional games will be played on either Sunday afternoon or on a week night. Younger players will play earlier time slots. Note that our schedule will be impacted by Gorsebrook facility availability.

Games will be played 4×4 plus a goalie, cross rink. For the first time, the league will purchase light hockey jersey’s for all the kids to wear. They are to be returned ‘clean” at the end of the season. If a jersey is lost and not returned all parents must agree to pay a $30 replacement fee. This is a major expense and we ask for your support.

The emphasis will continue to be on fun, fitness, sportsmanship, learning and improving basic hockey skills and of course “meeting new buddies”!

Volunteer Coaches

As with all minor hockey we, rely on parents or older siblings ( 14 or older) to serve as volunteer coaches. A coach clinic will be held in late March and you will be supported throughout the season. It is essential that we recruit 2-3 coaches per team. That will make it comfortable should a coach need to miss a game. Please join us as a volunteer coach and indicate that during your players online registration. Your partnership will be greatly appreciated!


We will train and hire young hockey players who play in our u17 division to referee the younger divisions. This is a great leadership opportunity and all refs will be paid per game.

Ideally we will have 4 teams per division. A limit of 44 players per division. When we reach that number, additional players will be placed on a wait list. first come first served! Last year we had 6 teams in the u10 and u12 divisions. If numbers are strong we will do so again this year.

All divisions are co-ed and we will play the following age groups

u8 (2017,2016,2015)

U10 (2013, 2014)

U12 (2011, 2012)

U14 (2009,2010)

U17 (2006, 2007, 2008)

For more info See the “Rules” and “Equipment” page on this website.