How to register and what to expect…

To register, you must complete the entire registration process, including the registration form, signing our waiver and paying your fee on line. Be careful to select the proper league and age group for your player. Soon after you complete your registration you will receive a confirmation by email.

The 2024 Spring season will begin in late April/early May and run until late June/early July. The first session will be an exhibition game.  During the exhibition game we will help ensure everyone has the proper equipment and evaluate each players skill level.  We will use this information to help balance the teams.

Teams will be established based on the questions you answered during registration and what we observe during the exhibition game.  Once the teams are posted further player changes will only be made if deemed necessary by league officials.

Based on what we learn, we will do our best to form balanced teams. Team lists will then be posted on the website within 72 hours of the Exhibition Game. The regular season will start soon after teams are posted!

The season will begin after 15 April depending on when we can access our facilities. We anticipate playing 13 sessions over a 9 week season. One game on either Saturday or Sunday morning along with a few games on a weeknight. The younger age groups will generally play the earliest time slot and we will ty to keep the time of games consistent to allow parents to plan. Note that this is not always possible.

Please give some thought to joining us as a coach . I promise the work load will be reasonable and you will have a ton of fun. In some cases our coaches become the very first coach a child has ever had! Appreciating that, a positive experience with our Ball Hockey League can turn a child on to a lifetime love of sport and that is both important and pretty darn cool!

A coaching clinic will be staged to help ensure all coaches are comfortable with fundamental of coaching and how we expect the league to run. After the clinic we will provide our coaches ongoing support whenever needed. Our intent is to have 2-3 coaches per team so that if a coach cannot attend a game to ensure every team is covered in the event a coach cannot attend a game.

Send all questions to