Our History

Spring 2024

Motivated by the success and growth of the Halifax Minor Ball Hockey League (founded in 2018) we are forming a boarder organization intended to bring Ball Hockey supporters across Nova Scotia together. Our goal is to help organize, support and share information that will help the sport of Ball Hockey grow.  

We will work to develop new youth leagues in different communities.

In 2023 we expanded by adding the Sackville and East Hants Minor Ball Hockey Leagues. In 2024 we will add Dartmouth and Bedford Minor Ball Hockey leagues. This expansion may continue if the interest is there.  Volunteer time, player interest and facility availability will be huge factors in our success. We will also welcome existing youth leagues to join us. If you run or league and would like to learn more, contact us at admin@nsmbhl.ca .

The NSMBHL will offer programs in the following age groups, U8, U10, U12, U15, and U18. The U18 group will be organized separately and players will be able to form their own teams. If you are interested in entering an U18 team please send a message to admin@nsmbhl.ca and indicate who your main contact is, your team skill level and location.

All age groups will play a cross rink 3×3 or 4×4 format. The U18 division may opt to play over the full arena surface.

Games will be played both indoor and outdoor. Cost per league may differ depending on the cost to rent the facility. ie the outdoor rink at Gorsebrook is less expensive than renting an indoor dry ice rink.

Our initial intention is:

  • To encourage and support the growth of Ball Hockey across Nova Scotia
  • To make Ball Hockey a welcoming sport where players of all levels have the potential to play and develop.
  • To bring like minded people and leagues together to help grow Ball Hockey.
  • To gather and share information that can help interested people promote the sport of Ball Hockey.
  • To develop and promote a standard format and rules.
  • To facilitate officials and coach education in effort to establish quality sport delivery.
  • To promote tournament opportunities including provincial championships.
  • To promote a return of Team Nova Scotia to the Canadian Ball Hockey Championships.
  • To promote access to existing facilities and new Ball Hockey facility development.